2019 so far!

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Well! a fantastic year so far. Starting with me finally, after two years of experimenting, managing to get colour onto the large copper matt sculptures.

At BCTF I sold half my stall in the first hours and have not looked back since! You can now find my work in numerous galleries around the country and I am selling work before I can manage to get it onto my own website. Here’s to keeping fingers crossed and hoping it continues!

French BulldogRunning greyhoundRunning greyhound2Flying greyhoundleaping deer1Stargazing shireleaping deer2Standing greyhoundrunning salukiScratching zebraFrench Bulldog 2

Am currently just finishing the Helfa Gelf open studios trail, which was a blessing as I finally managed to tidy my Studio!

Hopefully I have a few more shows to do this year, but for the moment I am busy making for next year, hopefully will be able to launch my African range, which I have wanted to do for ages.

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