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Well 2018 was a great year, we got a lot of interest and orders from the Harrogate British Craft Trade Fair and the launch of U Raku (the Raku demonstrating part of Agama) had had massive success at a number of shows throughout the year.

In January I started on construction of a new studio and moved into it in April, increasing my work space by about 5 times!

Although it is still not finished, it gave me much needed space to create the new Dragon Chimineas which have proved to be really popular.

These were first shown at Potfest Scotland and I got a lot of commissions from that show, although I am not showing there this year, I may consider it in the future as it is a fun and quaint little show.

Continuing with the theme of Potfest, one of the highlights of the year was winning the public vote for best piece at Potfest in the Pens, the theme was ‘weird fruit ‘ and my piece was entitled ‘Crabapples’. It also came third in the potters vote which was acclaim indeed!

It wasn’t all brilliant though! Two shows which were not good for me was The Royal Cheshire Show and the International Horse Jumping show. I am saddened about this as I do love sculpting horses. Below is Rocky one of the show commissions I did this year. The owner loved it stating she did not think it would be so obviously Rocky!

During the year I finally managed to perfect my Copper fuming and this year I will be further exploring this technique as I feel this, the pet commissions and the Dragons is where I want to be.

The year ended with a fantastic Studio opening party on the 21st of December which was very well attended and a great success. I look forward to seeing you all this year at one of the events I am attending or at the studio. Alternatively contact me on the website or via Agamas Facebook page.

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