KyoandRafiPixie2HoudiniYantoTeddiSpinxwallfudgeThomasSonnyPashaSnow-leopardPoppy and JellyWinnifredBurmeseGuy and RumpusBoogalooBen BobcatLeopard1BurrMrs DiamanteStarBenBobsnowytoesShowcatKyoShadow-leopard-1Tree-cat-1

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, lazing around with their tummies in the air or slinking along a branch. Mischievous, loving or proud, your cat is unique. We can capture the character of your special cat in a truly individual sculpture. Above are some of the cats that have been commissioned.  If you would like us to do a sculpture for you capturing the unique personality of your beloved cat, please contact us.

Prices start at £180

Postage is free to mainland UK, for islands and international postage costs please contact me.