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Raku2French BulldogIMG_4905running salukired deer 1aGreen-Dragon5leaping deer1dale horse1Scratching zebraFenic fox3RB-Dragon-3Flying greyhoundJuniper 1MorganaB21BF753-27B9-407B-833B-A65D8DF4C6E0JessStanding Greyhound3Stargazing shireBat Eared Fox1bBR-Dragon4Standing greyhoundNew forrest3Pixie2Running greyhound2PixieIMG_4526IMG_4518leaping deer2NikkiShire 2Running greyhoundMysticTabby Cat 4IMG_4201French Bulldog 2IMG_4185Sunset Shire 1aRed-TerrierStanding Greyhound1Panda

Agama Creative is a company specialising in unique handmade sculptures, corporate gift-ware and commissions. Inspired by the breathtaking scenery, colourful history, legends and creativity of North Wales it is no wonder our sculptures are truly unique and sought after.