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Raku2French BulldogIMG_4905running salukired deer 1aGreen-Dragon5leaping deer1dale horse1Scratching zebraFenic fox3RB-Dragon-3Flying greyhoundJuniper 1MorganaB21BF753-27B9-407B-833B-A65D8DF4C6E0JessStanding Greyhound3Stargazing shireBat Eared Fox1bBR-Dragon4Standing greyhoundNew forrest3Pixie2Running greyhound2PixieIMG_4526IMG_4518leaping deer2NikkiShire 2Running greyhoundMysticTabby Cat 4IMG_4201French Bulldog 2IMG_4185Sunset Shire 1aRed-TerrierStanding Greyhound1Panda

Agama Creative is a company specialising in unique handmade sculptures and commissions.

We have managed to perfect the technique of Copper Fuming, a notoriously difficult style, which you will not easily find elsewhere on sculptures, as well as commissions and unique dragon chimineas.

We welcome you to our website and hope you find the perfect gift

Inspired by the breathtaking scenery, colourful history, legends and creativity of North Wales it is no wonder our sculptures are truly unique and sought after.

Postage is free to mainland UK, for islands and international postage costs please contact us.